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Questions to ask when buying a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

11/10/2020 09:15 AM

There are currently over a dozen companies involved in marketing hydraulic torque wrenches in the United States. Many of these companies claim to be the “oldest, or best” provider of hydraulic wrenches. Buyers need to be aware that not all hydraulic wrench companies are quality driven or focused on their individual needs and applications.

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Buyers Guide To Power Torque Wrenches

09/02/2020 11:29 AM

At Maxpro we are often asked, “what is a power torque wrench?” It depends on who you ask. Our company, MaxPro, is a diverse company when specializing in high capacity Torque Wrenches. MaxPro sells Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Battery and Electric torque wrenches. These four different styles of torque wrenches are all classified under the umbrella term […]

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Pneumatic or Hydraulic Torque Wrench: Which One is Right for You?

07/25/2017 10:14 AM

Customers often contact us requesting a high capacity torque wrench but are unsure of whether they need a pneumatic or hydraulic torque wrench. The answer typically depends on the application, along with several other factors.  Each of these tools have their positive and negative attributes, so let’s take an impartial look at the specifics on […]

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[CASE STUDY] Power Generation and Turbine Maintenance

03/15/2017 07:48 AM

For this case study, we’re heading to Florida, where our client – a combined cycle power plant – needed hydraulic torque wrenches. They also needed the wrenches right away, and Maxpro could deliver. “We turned it around in hours,” said company president Tom Macey. “That’s the beauty of UPS and FedEx. We ship a lot […]

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Read The Top Torque Equipment Blog Articles of 2016

01/04/2017 08:34 AM

It is hard to believe that the new year is upon us. In 2016, we shared a lot of information on torque tools and their applications.  All with a goal to give you a better understanding of these tools and how they can make your job easier. Last year we wrote over 50 articles and […]

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[VIDEO] Hydraulic Torque Wrench Set Up

12/08/2016 08:44 AM

Today we’re going to continue our series of video blogs with a new clip that explores how to set up and use a hydraulic torque wrench. Once again, MaxPro Rental Manager Ron DeMarino discusses the intricacies of this torque tool. And once again, he begins by explaining how the job starts with a thorough inspection […]

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Industrial Bolting Tool Applications For the Mining Industry

06/01/2016 09:00 AM

Mining is a tough job, one that requires tough workers and durable tools. Those tools include hydraulic torque wrenches, which are at work on a wide range of mining applications, from vehicles hauling material to machinery digging deep below the earth. Let’s take a closer look at some of the mining industrial bolting tools that […]

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