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Hiforce Nut Splitters

This Hydraulic Nut Splitter cuts through the hardest bolts. Save time with fast nut removal. Save money with less downtime and safer cutting.

  • Fast – Only 20 – 30 seconds to remove a 3-1/2″ nut with this Hydraulic Nut Splitter. Set-up and in-use is less than 5 minutes.
  • Safe – Smooth cut, hands off operation for this Splitter. No hammers. No impact. No flames. Safe to use in volatile environments.
  • Quiet – No noise pollution – all you hear is the “snap” when the nut is cut.
  • Precise – Only cut the nut! No damage to the bolt or thread with a cutting chisel you can easily calibrate.
  • Adaptable – Nut shape is not a problem – adapters available to cut round, square, 12-point, huck-bolts and other uniquely shaped nuts.

Available Models: NS-Single-Acting, DNS Double-Acting, HMNS-Self-Contained

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