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Torque Audit Equipment

RAD Smart Sockets & RAD Calibration Systems

RAD Smart Socket

Revolutionary Socket for measuring torque directly on the bolt. RAD Smart Sockets are torque tool measurement devices for inspecting bolted joints. Also functions as a master calibration for torque equipment.

RAD Calibration Systems

Each system includes a static transducer, calibration stand, and all the necessary reaction arms for ALL series of RAD Torque System tools between 75-1500 to 350-7000 ft.lbs.

Elevate your torque auditing capabilities with our cutting-edge tools, including the revolutionary RAD Smart Sockets and the comprehensive RAD Calibration Systems. The RAD Smart Sockets serve as torque measurement devices for inspecting torque directly on the bolted joints, offering instant torque readouts on live applications. These smart sockets also double as master calibration tools, allowing you to conveniently view and download logs onto your smartphone or tablet.

 On the other hand, the RAD Calibration Systems, comprising static transducers, calibration stands, and all necessary reaction arms, provide a complete set for calibrating torque tools within a wide range, ensuring precision from 75-1500 to 350-7000 ft.lbs. Each transducer is meticulously calibrated traceable to NIST standards, guaranteeing the highest level of measurement accuracy. Maxpro extends the calibration capabilities with RAD-CAL Digital Joint Simulating Torque Analyzers, offering accuracy within +/- 0.25% for calibrating torques ranging from 75 to 7000 ft/lbs. 

Torque audits are essential to preform because it helps provide confirmation that joints are safe and secure. If audits are not completed bolts might be tightened to an incorrect tension risking the safety of the project. Elevate your torque auditing experience with these advanced solutions for optimal accuracy and efficiency.