iStock 000072643817 LargeMaxpro is proud of the work it has done for U.S. military customers. For them, functional, accurate equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why our military customers can rely on RAD torque wrenches. RAD tools such as the E-Rad electric torque wrench are used in critical sectors such as military, defense and nuclear applications. These tools are valued for their accuracy, power and safety.

Maxpro is the nation’s leading RAD tool distributor, and the country’s only ISO/IEC accredited calibration and repair facility for E-RAD tools.

The applications of torque tools in a military setting are endless.  From equipment maintenance to plant upkeep, the military uses a variety of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic wrenches.

Poorly tightened fasteners and bolts can not only impact equipment performance but they can cost time and money.  Worse case it could result in an injury.

Every piece of torque equipment we rent or sell is calibrated according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Our lab has won the approval of A2LA, the nation’s leading accreditation body.

 “Maxpro’s support of its ERAD torque equipment was second to none.” – U.S. Navy subcontractor