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Williams Torque Wrenches & Testers

Williams Manual Torque Wrenches

Williams Manual torque wrenches are known for precision and reliability in mechanical and automotive applications. These tools offer consistent and accurate torque settings in various tasks, from tightening bolts in critical machinery to assembling intricate components in automotive repairs.

Williams Electronic Torque Wrenches

Williams Electric torque wrenches are cutting-edge tools for torque measurement and application. These torque wrenches combine reliability and accuracy with the convenience of electric power.  Their ergonomic design and user-friendly features make them easy to use, while digital displays provide real-time torque readings for enhanced precision.

Williams Torque Tester

Williams Torque Testers are designed to measure and assess torque levels with accuracy. These testers come in a range of models, from handheld devices to benchtop units. They are equipped with advanced technology, such as digital displays and data logging capabilities, enabling users to record and analyze torque measurements with ease. 

About Williams

Since 1882 Williams has manufactured strong and reliable torque tools trusted by industrial bolt tightening. With a long history of product development and refinement, Williams has remained a beacon in the torque tools industry. 

The industrial focused tools are perfect for automotive and manufacturing bolting practices. Maxpro carries both manual and electric torque wrenches from Williams along with a torque tester with advanced digital technology.