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We Offer Expert Mobile Calibration Services

Mining / Quarry Operations

with RAD Torque

Mining is a tough job, requiring tough workers and tough tools.

Those tools include hydraulic torque wrenches, which are at work on several different mining applications, performing maintenance on everything from bulldozers to conveyor systems.

These tools are not only needed for their durability and precision, but also for their ability to work in tighter spaces when compared to other types of wrenches.

Maxpro is a major supplier of RAD torque equipment to the mining industry. Caterpillar has chosen RAD and Maxpro to help them solve their most crucial bolting problems. Our hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools are used on surface and deep mining applications.

“Our quarry has purchased the RAD 50 torque wrench from Maxpro for our rock crushers. These tools saved us hundreds of hours of downtime, not to mention the safety benefits we have seen.” — Quarry manager in Virginia

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