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Williams Torque Testers

Williams Torque Testers

Williams Torque Testers are precision instruments designed to measure and assess torque levels with utmost accuracy and reliability. These testers are invaluable tools in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace, where ensuring proper torque application is critical for product quality and safety. Williams Torque Testers come in a range of models, from handheld devices for portable use to benchtop units for more stationary applications. They are equipped with advanced technology, such as digital displays and data logging capabilities, enabling users to record and analyze torque measurements with ease. Whether it’s for tightening bolts, fasteners, or assessing the performance of mechanical components, Williams Torque Testers play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of products and ensuring they meet stringent industry standards.

Available Models :
JHWDTC, JHWDTCMM-0-JHWDTCMM-1, JHWDTC10, JHWDTC27, 1600-MT2W, xxx-x-MT2 – xxxx-x-MT2, JHW1753-TC- JHW6004-TC

Torque Tester Specifications

Part No.: JHWDTCSF300-F – Torque: 360 ft-lb Max. Torque – Weight: 5.95 lbs. – Range in-oz: 7.5-300.0 lbf·ft – Drive Size: 1/2″, Capacity?: +/-1 %

Part No.: JHWDTCMM240-O – Range in-lb: dbf.inTorque: 288 in-oz Max Torque – Capacity?: +/-1 % – Range in-oz: 5.0-240.0

Part No.: JHWDTCMM100-I – Range in-lb: 5.0-100.0 lbf·inTorque: 120 in-lb Max. Torque – Capacity?: +/-1 % – Range in-oz: –

Part No.: JHWDTC10M300-I – Range in-lb: 15.0-300.0 lbf·inTorque: 360 in-lb Max. Torque – Capacity?: +/-1 % – Weight: – 3.09 lbs.

Part No.: JHWDTC27M800-F – Drive Size: 27 mm”,- Torque: 960 ft-lb Max. Torque – Capacity?: +/-1 % – Range in-oz: 40.0-800.0 lbf·ft

Part No.: JHWDTC27M800-F – Drive Size: 27 mm”,- Torque: 1650 ft-lb Max. Torque – Capacity?: +/-1 % – Range in-oz: 75.0-1500.0 lbf·ft

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