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B-RAD X Brushless Battery Torque Wrench

Introducing the World's Most Powerful Battery-Operated Torque Wrench!

RAD Torque System is taking torque to the extreme with the all-new B-RAD X. The latest generation of our popular battery tool series, the B-RAD X is raising the bar for torque range capacity with a battery tool, maxing out at an impressive 11,000 ft. lbs./15,000 Nm – making the B-RAD X officially the most powerful battery-powered torque tool on the market.

Building off RAD Torque’s patented and world-renowned gearbox technology, the B-RAD X captures attention with its sleek new white design and rubber grip, a new high-performance motor, and its various features.

Fastening bolts in remote locations will now be easier for big industry as the cordless B-RAD X gives companies better mobility to torque and tension large bolts with less equipment to haul without compromising power or accuracy.

All-New! B-RAD Xtreme

  • Brushless DC motor for added durability and accuracy.
  • Redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch.
  • Standard handguard for added operator protection.
  • Two-hand start option.
  • Latch lock to protect battery from falling from high heights.
  • 4-button interface with high-contrast LED display provides feedback during operation.
  • Accuracy of 4% to target

You can order special reaction arms here to ensure correct reaction for different applications. 

Available models: B-RAD X 5000, 8000, 11000

B-RAD X Specifications

Part No.: 30656 – Tool Model: B-RAD X 5000 – Drive Size: 1.5 inches Torque (L-H): 500 – 5000 ft/lbs. – RPM: 2.4 – Weight: 23 lbs

Part No.: 30658 – Tool Model: B-RAD X 8000 – Drive Size: 1.5 inches Torque (L-H): 740 – 8000 ft/lbs. – RPM: 1.7 – Weight: 30 lbs

Part No.: 30660 – Tool Model: B-RAD X 11000 – Drive Size: 1.5 inches Torque (L-H): 1100-11000 ft/lbs. – RPM: 1.2 – Weight: 42 lbs

Part No.
Tool Model
B-RAD X 5000
B-RAD X 8000
B-RAD X 11000
Drive Size
1.5 inches
1.5 inches
1.5 inches
Torque (Low – High)
500 – 5000 ft/lbs.
740 – 8000 ft/lbs.
1100 – 11000 ft/lbs.
23 lbs.
30 lbs.
42 lbs.

B-RAD X 5000 Dimensions​

A: 12.5″
B: 3.75″
C: 3.75″
D: 14.25″

B-RAD X 11000 Dimensions

A: 15.25″
B: 5″
C: 5″
D: 14.75″

B-RAD SELECT X 8000 Dimensions

A: 13.75″
B: 4.25″
C: 4.25″
D: 14.5″

Already Own a RAD® Torque Wrench?

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Suitable Reaction Arms

Standard: Product Number 17375

Deep Pocket: Product Number 18480

Double Ended: Product Number 18480

Blank: Product Number 17888

Double Ended Blank: Product Number 19093

Retaining Ring: Product Number 17367

If you do not see a Reaction Arm that fits your needs, call us at 888-315-0175, or we can design a Custom Reaction Arm specific for your bolting application.