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We Offer Expert Mobile Calibration Services


with RAD Torque

Whether they transport oil or gas, it’s critical that pipelines remain secure. A fault in their system can mean anything from a service disruption for energy customers to an environmental catastrophe.

That’s why it’s important for pipeline workers to have accurate, dependable tools at their disposal. Maxpro is proud to provide those tools to pipeline companies around the country.

RAD tools have a wide range of pneumatic torque multipliers for use in the oil and gas industry. These are stall-type tools, which eliminate destructive hammering with their continuous flow of controlled torque. We are experienced in the providing the right tool for flanging, gasket closure and bolting.

When you need hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches, Maxpro is here to sell or rent tools to you. We are the country’s leading distributor of RAD torque tools, which are valued by our industrial customers for their speed and accuracy.

And all our equipment is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards at our A2LA-accredited lab, allowing you to come away knowing you’ll get the right torque measurement on your tools every time.

“Maxpro was able to calibrate all of our torque equipment on site with their mobile calibration van, this saved us shipping costs and down time.” — Pipeline company

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