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Petro-Chemical Industry

Like many industries, petrochemical plants need to run like clockwork. It’s a matter of not only efficiency, but safety. That’s why these plants turn to Maxpro for effective, reliable tools.

We have experience in the use of torque tools to build and maintain the physical plant. In the oil and gas industry this includes maintaining flanges, bolted joints, and pumps. Our bolting systems help insure accurate and consistent bolt load.

A poorly tightened or damaged fastener can cause leaks or equipment failure. So, it is critical to work with a hydraulic torque wrench supplier that can meet the high level of accreditation needed in this industry.

Over the past two decades, MaxPro has established a reputation as a trustworthy provider of torque controlled and calibrated industrial tools for sale or rental. We are also an authorized repair center and an accredited calibration laboratory, calibrating torque wrenches, torque transducers, torque multipliers and pressure gauges.

With a wide range of torque equipment and expert calibration services, Maxpro is the go-to solution for petrochemical companies. Let our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab visit your plant to make sure all your tools are precise.

“We rent all of our hydraulic torque equipment from Maxpro. It always arrives on time, calibrated and in working condition.” — Major refinery contractor

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