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Power Generation

with RAD Torque

Maxpro has spent more than 20 years providing torque tools and calibration services to the power generation industry.

Industrial bolting tools such as torque wrenches are at work in every level of a power generation plant, from construction to regular upkeep to emergency repairs.

In oil, coal and gas-fired plants, hydraulic torque wrenches are used for bolting on compressors, hosing and liners and to fasten casing bolts onto turbines.

In nuclear plants, hydraulic torque wrenches are used in general plant maintenance, and on bolting casket covers.

These wrenches are useful in the power generation industry because of their precision – an accuracy range of plus or minus three percent – and their capacity, which can reach as high as 100,000 ft./lbs.

Our hydraulic, electric and pneumatic torque wrenches can help you solve any bolting issue, while our accredited ISO/IEC 17025 torque calibration lab is utilized by industry leaders.

Request Our Brochure

Request Our Brochure

Here is what our customers say about Maxpro:

“We rent all of our hydraulic torque equipment from Maxpro. It always arrives on time, calibrated and in working condition.” — Major refinery contractor

“Maxpro was able to calibrate all of our torque equipment on site with their mobile calibration van, this saved us shipping costs and down time.” — Pipeline company

“Maxpro had all of the torque equipment in stock that we needed for our emergency job”. — Iberdrolaren Power

“Our natural gas power plant has purchased hydraulic torque wrenches from Maxpro for our GE Frame 7 turbines. The equipment arrived calibrated and the day after we ordered it. Great service!” — Combined cycle power plant maintenance manager in Florida

“Thanks to industrial bolting and Maxpro, our RAD torque equipment was repaired in 2 days, back on the line and up and running.” — Maintenance manager, refinery in Illinois

“Maxpro was very competitive with its calibration services. Their turn-around time was days, not weeks for all of the torque equipment that we have calibrated.” — Power generation facility