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Industrial Bolting Tool Applications For the Mining Industry

Industrial Bolting Tool Applications For the 
Mining IndustryMining is a tough job, one that requires tough workers and durable tools.

Those tools include hydraulic torque wrenches, which are at work on a wide range of mining applications, from vehicles hauling material to machinery digging deep below the earth.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the mining industrial bolting tools that help workers do their job:

Surface Mining

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches are used to perform track maintenance on bulldozers.
  • Electric rope shovels use hydraulic torque wrenches for undercarriage servicing, track maintenance and side frame removal.
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches also provide track maintenance for hydraulic excavators and blast hole drill rigs, and upper rail maintenance on drag lines.

Underground Mining

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches are used for general maintenance on long wall mining systems.

Fixed Mining Equipment

  • On conveyor systems, hydraulic torque wrenches are used for electric motor maintenance and gear box maintenance.
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches are used for frame bolting on crushers, and for frame bolt tensioning and shell bolt tensioning on mills.

In general, you’ll find torque tools at work on the following mining applications. This list also includes the approximate level of torque required for each application in ft/lbs:

  • Ball Mills
    • Ball – 3,500 to 9,000
    • Rod – 1,500 to 2,000
    • Sag – 1,600 to 2,000
  • Chain locks – 2,200 to 5,500
  • Chain stairs on haulage – 1,000 to 6,000
  • Pipe flanges and valve covers – 800 to 2,000
  • Nordberg crushers – 18,000 to 20,000
  • Flanges on drill – 1,000 to 4,500
  • T&U carrier – 1,200 to 2,700
  • Reel chamber – 1,500 to 5,200
  • Water pump – 800 to 1,800
  • Hydraulic shovels – 800 to 1,200
  • Railroad tracks – 500 to 5,200
  • Shovels – 750 to 5,500
  • Feeder line – 500 to 1,200
  • Mining-tubbing bolt – 200 to 1,500
  • Tunnel drill 800 to 3,750
  • Grinder foundation bolts – 1,000 to 5,750
  • Coal crusher – 1,000 to 3,500
  • Diesel Engine
    • Connection rods – 600 to 1,000
    • Cylinder cover – 850 to 4,500
    • Driving gears – 3,200 to 4,000

Hydraulic torque wrenches are valuable tools for mining because of their precision and durability, and because they’re able to get into tighter spaces than other wrenches.

To find more information on how these tools can help your company, get in touch with Maxpro. Since 1993, we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of hydraulic torque wrenches and other industrial bolting tools.

Maxpro also has an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab, regulating torque transducers, torque multipliers and pressure gauges. Visit our website to learn how we can help you prepare for your next project.

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