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Optimize Efficiency and Savings with E-RAD & B-RAD Torque Tools

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the maxim “Time is money” resonates profoundly. The acceleration of production through the adoption of efficient tools translates directly into significant savings for individuals, businesses, and discerning customers

An escalating number of manufacturers are making a strategic shift, discarding outdated hydraulic torque wrenches in favor of RAD Torque Systems tools, a choice synonymous with heightened assembly line efficiency. Recognized globally for their exceptional capacity and precision, RAD Torque wrenches have emerged as the preferred solution in the industry. 

E-RAD to the Max! 

Maxpro Corporation, the foremost distributor of RAD Torque tools in the eastern US, reports a notable uptick in interest from manufacturing entities. The focal point is the E-RAD (electronic) and B-RAD
(battery-powered) torque wrenches, attracting attention from industry leaders.

Maxpro underscores the transformative impact of the E-RAD BLU series on manufacturing efficiency. Witnessing firsthand how a prominent valve manufacturer achieved a fourfold increase in speed by switching to the E-RAD 11K from a hydraulic torque wrench, the efficacy of these tools becomes

Engineered specifically for high-torque assembly applications, the E-RAD BLU series boasts impressive precision, with an accuracy of +/- 3% on the target. RAD Torque Systems has seamlessly integrated this precision torque wrench with their renowned gearbox and AC Servo motor technology, resulting in a remarkable reduction in bolting time—up to 300% faster than conventional hydraulic wrenches. 

Using B-RAD For Diverse Applications 

RAD Torque’s battery series has gained widespread acceptance in the manufacturing sector, featuring the B-RAD in S, Select, and Offset models. These robust battery torque wrenches, capable of torquing up to 5,000 ft. lbs., prove indispensable for handling the most demanding applications. 

The B-RAD S stands out with its built-in transducer, simplifying torquing and data collection by providing real-time torque readings. Endowed with torque and angle capabilities, the B-RAD S is well-equipped to handle the most demanding applications, ensuring reliability across diverse projects. 

With its data logging capabilities, the B-RAD S emerges as the preferred choice for manufacturing companies aiming to align with Industry 4.0 standards. Offering an effective solution for those keen on advancing their processes in line with evolving industry norms, RAD Torque Systems continues to redefine the landscape of manufacturing efficiency. 

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