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Mastering E-RAD Torque Gun Repairs: A Comprehensive Guide by RAD Torque Systems Experts

Explore this detailed guide, meticulously outlining the proficient repair process for
E-RAD torque guns, presented by our seasoned professionals boasting a collective 51 years of experience in the electronics domain. With 16 years dedicated specifically to E-RADs, we have honed our expertise to offer precise repairs and unparalleled service. At Maxpro, we prioritize access to comprehensive documentation and schematics for all E-RAD products, enabling us to provide top-notch repair services while ensuring our customers have a reliable and efficient tool at their disposal. 

Expertise and Resources: Our team at Maxpro is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, having earned college degrees in electronics. We maintain direct communication with the engineers and service staff at RAD Torque Systems, enabling us to stay updated with the latest advancements and ensuring that our repair processes are in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Our dedication to effective inventory management means we keep a well-stocked inventory of parts, facilitating prompt repairs and minimizing downtime for our clients. 

The Repair Process: 

  • Receiving and Inspection: Upon receipt of an E-RAD torque gun, we meticulously document its entry into our system. The tool undergoes a thorough inspection of electronic components, power cables, and safety-related elements within the control box. Our goal is to identify any potential issues and assess the overall condition of the tool. 
  • Estimation and Approval: Following the inspection, any necessary repairs are estimated. Detailed repair plans are then submitted to the customer for approval, ensuring transparency and trust in our service. We prioritize clear communication and collaboration throughout this process. 
  • Precision Repairs: Once approved, our team of experts performs electronic and mechanical repairs to factory specifications, leaving no detail overlooked. This includes addressing any damage or issues with gearbox electronics, firmware, and other critical components to restore the tool to optimal functionality. 
  • Calibration and Adjustment: Post-repairs, each E-RAD torque gun is meticulously calibrated and adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our database program maintains a detailed history of the tool, including repairs, adjustments, and previous calibrations, ensuring accuracy and precision. 
  • Quality Assurance and Cleaning: Before shipment, the repaired tools undergo a final round of quality assurance checks. They are thoroughly cleaned to meet the high standards set by RAD Torque Systems. 
  • Swift Return to the Customer: Repaired and calibrated tools are then prepared for shipment,
    with a prompt turnaround for the majority of calibrations and repairs. Additionally, we offer an expedited service for emergency repairs, prioritizing efficiency and reliability for our

At Maxpro, we take immense pride in our dedication to precision, expertise, and efficient E-RAD
torque gun repairs. Our commitment to utilizing RAD Torque Systems’ official documentation, direct communication with engineers, and superior inventory management enables us to provide an unmatched repair process, ensuring your tools operate at peak performance. Trust Maxpro for all your E-RAD torque
gun repair needs, and experience excellence in every detail. Contact or call (215) 293-0800 or (888) 315-0175 for any torque repair questions. Organizations local to the northeast US should inquire
about our accredited mobile service and on-site repair.

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