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[VIDEO] Hydraulic Torque Wrench Set Up

Today we’re going to continue our series of video blogs with a new clip that explores how to set up and use a hydraulic torque wrench.

Once again, MaxPro Rental Manager Ron DeMarino discusses the intricacies of this torque tool.

And once again, he begins by explaining how the job starts with a thorough inspection of the tool before use, “just looking for anything that could be out of the norm when it comes to this equipment.”

It’s important to look at the tool and the hose and the pump connected to it, DeMarino explains.

He walks viewers through the proper procedure for connecting the hoses to the pump.

“It’s really important that they’re flush. If they’re not flush, any little gap could stop this pump from performing properly,” DeMarino says in the clip.

The video also includes instructions on using the tool’s regulator during use. Please watch the clip included in this post to get more details.

And remember that you can always contact Maxpro to get information on our hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque tools, and to find out about our A2LA-accredited calibration lab and repair services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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