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Buyers Guide To Power Torque Wrenches

At Maxpro we are often asked, “what is a power torque wrench?” It depends on who you ask. Our company, MaxPro, is a diverse company when specializing in high capacity Torque Wrenches. MaxPro sells Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Battery and Electric torque wrenches. These four different styles of torque wrenches are all classified under the umbrella term “power torque wrench.”

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches.

First, let’s take a look at pneumatic torque wrenches. These wrenches are durable tools that work well in applications where flammable gases are present such as mines and pipelines. These tools are good for buyers who want to torque their application and work quicker. It is offered in two options: a single speed and a high-speed torque wrench. The main difference between these options is the variety of choices: eleven single speed tools compared to four high speed tools. High speed tools have a built in “run-down” mode, which gives them a higher free speed on the application. The user will enjoy this tool because it is simple, smooth, and durable to use.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic torque wrenches come in two forms: a square drive and low profile. The buyer should be aware that these tools operate 10,000 PSI and can produce torque outputs over 50,000 ft./lbs. This tool is utilized with a hydraulic pump that is electrically or pneumatically operated. The Hydraulic Torque Wrench is suitable for any buyer who works at a power plant, pipeline, or steel mill.

Battery Torque Wrenches

Next, let’s look at the battery torque wrench. Maxpro offers 2 styles of battery torque wrenches. These tools are B-RAD BL Select and Digital B-BRAD. Battery torque wrenches have become very popular in the last few years. The B-RAD BL Select tool has nine different models, with ft/lb. ranging from 130 to 5000 ft/lbs. This tool is similar to a typical drill. One unique feature about the B RAD Select tool is that it has an automatic back off once the torque cycle is complete. Usually these tools are used in jobs where electricity and air are not available. The Digital D-BRAD has a lot of the same features as the B-RAD. With notable exceptions, the DB style torque wrench can be set to 1 ft/lb. increments, while the B-RAD can be set at every 10 ft/lbs. The DB-Style Torque Wrenches are higher in cost due to their digital controller.

Electric Torque Wrenches

Lastly, let’s discuss the electric torque wrench. There are two styles that the buyer should be aware of: an ERAD Electric Torque Wrench and the V-RAD Select. The V-RAD select series are digitally controlled. These tools are light, compact and easy to operate. Currently MaxPro offers 4 models of this torque wrench, with torque ranges from 100 ft/lbs. to 3000 ft/lbs. This tool is useful in environments were compressed air is not option. These industries might include bridge work, heavy construction, or equipment maintenance. In comparison, MaxPro also offers the E-RAD BLU Torque wrench. This tool is considered by many to be the most accurate tool MaxPro sells. It stores plenty of data in the tool itself and it has torque pre-sets. E-RAD electric torque wrenches are widely used in several different and critical industries, including wind turbine sites. They are also popular in military applications and, more recently, the nuclear industry.

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