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Questions to ask when buying a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

There are currently over a dozen companies involved in marketing hydraulic torque wrenches in the United States. Many of these companies claim to be the “oldest, or best” provider of hydraulic wrenches. Buyers need to be aware that not all hydraulic wrench companies are quality driven or focused on their individual needs and applications.

Here’s some key questions that you should ask when thinking about buying a hydraulic wrench:

1: Do they meet quality standards?

The two standards you should be looking for are ISO 9001 (Manufacture standard), and ISO 17025 (Calibration standard). Both of these are international standards the require a strict adherences to having an independently audited quality system in place. This ensures the buyer that they are dealing with a quality driven organization that is committed to producing a quality product. It’s important that the hydraulic torque wrench manufacture is accredited to both of these standards.

2: Do they manufacture “in house”, or are they simply outsourcing all of their manufacturing?

Companies that invest in their own manufacturing facility have true control over all of their processes. Manufacturing companies focus on building quality products and working with their customers closely. Outsourced companies more sales driven and provide flashy, gimmicky products, not focused on the customer.

3: Are they Made in the USA?

We are in an international economy but realizing that you have the full support of a 100% US-based company should give the buyer extra assurance if any questions or issues arise.

4: Is the company focused on the manufacture of hydraulic torque wrenches?

Many companies today are conglomerates that are not laser focused on a few, specific products, rather they try to do everything for everyone. The term: “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” applies here. Find a company that and specializes in hydraulic torque wrenches, and knows how to build and design them.

5: Sales support and distribution

Look at the company / individual who is representing the hydraulic wrench manufacture. Do they have experience? Are they a specialty representative or distributer who understands hydraulic torque wrench operation and applications? If you are dealing with a tool catalogue or general industrial distributer, most likely they will not be able to offer strong support.

6: Inventory and parts

Can they deliver product and parts quickly? Usually this ties into a few points as
stated above: a company being focused and products made in the US, and manufacturing in house, verses outsourced product.

7: Can the product be serviced and repaired with ease and quickly?

Some hydraulic torque wrench companies don’t want their products to be repaired, rather they want to upsell the customer to new products. Parts drawings and breakdowns should be easily accessible along with obtaining the needed parts.

The bottom line is that you should ask a lot of questions when considering purchasing a hydraulic wrench system. Hydraulic torque wrenches are typically capital tool investments, so buying a quality wrench from a quality organization will pay off.

Maxpro Corporation is a specialty torque equipment distributer, and has been selling, repairing and calibrating hydraulic torque wrenches for over 25 years. For any further questions please feel free to contact us at:, or

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