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Maxpro Field Services Group Expands Climax and H&S Tool

At Maxpro, we’re proud of the level of work we’ve put into our on-site specialty support services. And those services have just gotten stronger, thanks to our new partnership with CLIMAX Portable Machining and Welding Systems.

Back in 2015, CLIMAX, based in Portland, Oregon, acquired another company, H&S Tool. Headquartered in Ohio, H&S is a leading maker of mount/clamshell pipe-cutting and beveling tools. Their merger allowed CLIMAX to become a market leader in field machining equipment.

With their support, Maxpro’s field services group in Blackwood, NJ can now offer same-day delivery for CLIMAX Portable/H&S field machining equipment to its pipeline, power generation and petrochemical industry customers anywhere on the eastern seaboard.

OD-Mount-Clamshell-PipeThis equipment includes:

  • Clamshell pipe-cutting equipment for 4-inch to 30-inch diameter machines
  • OD-mount and ID-mount flange facing machines – Rugged and portable, these flange facers can be configured for milling, facing or both.
  • Portable lathes – Whether you need to cut O-ring grooves, repair the spindles on a turbine or fix an out-of-round gear on the shaft of a high-speed production machine, this lathe will pay for itself the first time out.
  • isolation-service_6_3613165109Hydrostatic test plugs – Isolation and weld test tooling designed to safely isolate lines for hot-work, protect personnel, property and equipment from flammable vapors.

In addition to these products from H&S Tools/Climax Portable, Maxpro also offers these field services:

  • Bolting services – We provide on-site subject matter expert support for controlled torque, tensioning and disassembly. Our experts can ensure all flanges have the right hardware, appropriate lubrication and surface finish.
  • BOLTRIGHT PRO – An innovative bolted joint integrity program, BOLTRIGHT PRO is designed to help customers ensure they are working with accurate bolt load calculations.
  • Hands-on bolt training – Successful candidates in this program will understand and demonstrate the principles and practices of safe bolted joint assembly as outlined by ASME.

If you’re interested in any of these programs or want to purchase or rent the H&S Tool or CLIMAX Portable equipment we’ve mentioned above, contact Maxpro today at 888-315-0175.

We’ll be happy to guide you through their features and work with your team to provide training and equipment set-up.

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