Onsite Specialty Support Services

Bolting Services:

Maxpro provides onsite Subject Matter Expert (SME) support for controlled torquing, tensioning and dis-assembly services for day to day maintenance, major turnarounds and capital projects. Our trained technicians understand the importance of flange joint integrity and plant reliability so we can ensure all flanges have the correct hardware, proper lubrication & surface finish and the desired bolt load calculations to minimize the chance for leaks during the critical start-up phase.

Field Machining:

Maxpro’s goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime is highlighted with our on-site machining equipment capabilities. Utilizing either our I. D. or O. D Mount equipment with a facing range of 1’’ – 120’’ and surface finishing from 63-250 RMS, we have the right equipment to bring your assets back within the specification tolerances and the field experience to provide onsite support to help you with any application.

Pipe Cutting/Beveling:

We utilize the H&S Tool OD Mount Clamshell machine because of its unique combination of accuracy, strength, and ease of setting up. Maxpro’s Application Engineers can help support you’re onsite craft with training, oversight during a project or working along with you as you go. We have three series of the OD Mount Clamshell Machines to meet the demands of any specific project. Our versatile clamshell equipment can cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and flange face.

Hydrostatic Line Isolation and Weld Testing:

Our hydrostatic line isolation and weld test equipment enables our customers to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during “hot work” then effectively hydrotest the new weld connection without the need of multiple tools. Our plugs can test pressures up to 2250 PSI (155 BarG) between the seals and perform tests with less than a gallon of water. This will reduce the overall time, cost and safety hazards that are typical with conventional hydro testing.