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Differences in High-Capacity Torque Wrenches

12/04/2022 07:11 PM

As hinted by the name, a torque wrench helps apply rotating force on a fastener like a bolt or a nut to loosen or fasten it. There are three high-capacity types of this kind of wrench. These are hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric wrenches. Their main difference lies in their powering forces, which provide unique advantages […]

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Industrial Applications that Require Accurate Torque

11/28/2022 09:18 PM

A torque wrench is a tool used to ensure optimal tightness of bolts and screws. It has special internal mechanisms that aid in setting specifications for a specific application. Thus ensuring there is enough tension and loading of all parts. It is key to ensuring quality work.   Two types of torque wrenches are ideal, depending […]

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Wind Industry's Number 1 Tool: E-RAD Torque Wrench

06/17/2021 11:26 AM

New World Technologies set the industry standard when the E-RAD electric high-capacity torque wrench debuted in 2005. There was nothing like this tool on the market at that time: a calibrated, accurate, electric torque wrench with a capacity as high as 4,000 feet/pounds. Around the same time, the American wind energy business started to take […]

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Buyers Guide To Power Torque Wrenches

09/02/2020 11:29 AM

At Maxpro we are often asked, “what is a power torque wrench?” It depends on who you ask. Our company, MaxPro, is a diverse company when specializing in high capacity Torque Wrenches. MaxPro sells Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Battery and Electric torque wrenches. These four different styles of torque wrenches are all classified under the umbrella term […]

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Read The Top Torque Equipment Blog Articles of 2016

01/04/2017 08:34 AM

It is hard to believe that the new year is upon us. In 2016, we shared a lot of information on torque tools and their applications.  All with a goal to give you a better understanding of these tools and how they can make your job easier. Last year we wrote over 50 articles and […]

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Maintain and Repair Your ERAD Torque Equipment

11/30/2016 08:31 AM

ERAD torque equipment is used in a number of vital industries. One thing these critical applications have in common is that they require proper maintenance and calibration service. For E-RAD tools, this service needs to come from factory-trained technicians with the experience and knowledge to work on your equipment.Visit a wind farm, and you’ll find […]

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The Advantages of E-RAD Torque Wrenches

09/28/2016 08:15 AM

Wind turbines require precision tools to operate, and E-RAD’s torque wrenches have become a favorite among professionals in the wind industry. Faster than other traditional methods of bolting Compared to hydraulic torque wrenches, E-RAD decreases tightening times by as much as 300 percent through the delivery of continuous and smooth torque.When looking for wind turbine […]

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Industrial Bolting Tool Applications for the Wind Turbine Industry

09/07/2016 09:00 AM

The wind turbine industry is going to take off over the next few decades. According to projections from the U.S. Dept. of Energy, total wind power capacity will increase from 113.43 gigawatts in 2020 to 404.25 gigawatts by 2050. And that’s good news for the bolting industry, whose precision torque tools are necessary to keep […]

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When to Use an Electric Torque Wrench

02/03/2016 09:00 AM

Quiet. Accurate. Recordable. These are some of the terms that describe electric torque wrenches. They’re more accurate than pneumatic torque wrenches, with an accuracy range of plus or minus three percent. And because they can be plugged in, electric torque wrenches will work any place where there’s a power source. They feature data recordability, meaning […]

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