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Maintain and Repair Your ERAD Torque Equipment

ERAD torque equipment is used in a number of vital industries.

One thing these critical applications have in common is that they require proper maintenance and calibration service. For E-RAD tools, this service needs to come from factory-trained technicians with the experience and knowledge to work on your equipment.Visit a wind farm, and you’ll find E-RAD tools helping to build and maintain turbines. Heavy equipment makers use E-RAD when assembling their products. Military applications and nuclear power plants, – two areas where mistakes can be deadly – rely on E-RAD to keep plants and equipment running.

Because these are computer-based tools, there are often software updates that need to be uploaded to the E-RAD control box. Finally, the E-RAD needs to be calibrated before going back to the customer.

Maxpro is the nation’s leading E-RAD repair center, and the only ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab able to certify E-RAD torque equipment.

Our calibration lab is accredited by A2LA, the nation’s premier accreditation body. We have a fully staffed, factory-certified repair department. We use only factory OEM parts and offer a limited six-month warranty on all ERAD repairs.

Aside from RAD’s electric, pneumatic and battery-powered tools, we are able to repair all major brands of hydraulic torque wrenches as well as associated hydraulic torque wrench pumps and power packs.

In addition to its repair and calibration services, Maxpro also sells and rents RAD tools such as the E-RAD 6000 electric torque wrench kit. The newest and highest capacity tool in the E-RAD line, is the ERAD 15K, producing 15,000 ft/lbs of calibrated torque. This is designed for heavy duty use in extreme industrial applications.

Contact Maxpro today to learn more about how we can help you complete your next project, and be sure to read our blog to find out more about RAD torque tools.

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