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Mastering E-RAD Torque Gun Repairs: A Comprehensive Guide by RAD Torque Systems Experts

10/17/2023 08:00 AM

Explore this detailed guide, meticulously outlining the proficient repair process forE-RAD torque guns, presented by our seasoned professionals boasting a collective 51 years of experience in the electronics domain. With 16 years dedicated specifically to E-RADs, we have honed our expertise to offer precise repairs and unparalleled service. At Maxpro, we prioritize access to comprehensive […]

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How To Choose A Quality Mobile Calibration Laboratory

09/29/2020 07:45 AM

Mobile Calibration is a service that extends beyond your everyday calibration laboratory.

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Types of Torque Wrenches Used in Aviation

05/27/2020 08:59 PM

Air travel is the safest form of transportation today, and one of the main reasons can be attributed to the expertise of aircraft mechanics and engineers as well as the reliability of the tools that enable them to work safely and efficiently. Planes are made up of thousands of parts held together with tens of […]

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Proper Torque Wrench Calibration: What Every Foreman Needs to Know

09/07/2017 09:36 AM

Proper 17025 calibration should be a mandatory maintenance item for any job foreman who manages industrial torque wrenches.

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RAD Smart Socket Product Overview

10/19/2016 11:00 AM

When you’re working with torque tools, few things matter more than having accurate tools. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the Smart Socket, an ideal tool for on-site calibration. What is a Smart Socket?  A Smart Socket is a patented torque transducer made by RAD torque systems that measures true torque applied to […]

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Does Your Torque Tool Calibration Certificate Pass Inspection?

10/05/2016 09:00 AM

An inspector asks to see the calibration certificate for your torque wrench. Do you say “Of course,” and hand it over? It’s the job of construction inspectors to make sure work is done to the correct standards and with properly maintained equipment. Getting caught without a proper calibration certificate can lead to re work, delays […]

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New RAD Pneumatic Tools

09/14/2016 08:45 AM

At Maxpro, we sell and rent a number of different torque tools, including products from RAD Torque Systems. Today we’re going to look at three new offerings from RAD: the RAD 1500 Transducer, the RAD 30 DX-2, and the  B-Rad Select. RAD 1500 Transducer The company bills this as a “complete calibration system,” able to calibrate […]

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Maxpro Has A Larger Home

07/13/2016 09:00 AM

It’s been a busy summer for Maxpro. As of this month, we’re in a new home, even though it isn’t that far from our old location. On July 1, we moved into our new headquarters at 427 Sargon Way, Unit D, in Horsham. It’s part of the same office park that we’ve called home since […]

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Preventing Torque Wrench Accidents with Industrial Bolting Safety

07/06/2016 09:00 AM

Safety and proper maintenance and care are important when using any tool, especially with powerful precision tools such as torque wrenches. Here are a few tips on how to prevent torque wrench accidents and make sure your torque tools function properly: If you need calibration services for your torque wrench, Maxpro can help. We’ve spent […]

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What Does It Mean To Be A2LA Accredited?

06/29/2016 09:00 AM

The non-profit American Association for Laboratory Accreditation – or A2LA – is the only independent, internationally-recognized organization in the country that offers comprehensive laboratory accreditation services. The A2LA’s mission, according to its website, is to provide “independent, world-class accreditation and training programs that inspire confidence in the quality of services and acceptance of results from […]

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