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Does Your Torque Tool Calibration Certificate Pass Inspection?

Torque Tool CalibrationAn inspector asks to see the calibration certificate for your torque wrench. Do you say “Of course,” and hand it over?

It’s the job of construction inspectors to make sure work is done to the correct standards and with properly maintained equipment. Getting caught without a proper calibration certificate can lead to re work, delays and even fines. Or do you go into a cold sweat, as you realize your certificate is out of date?

Because of this, you’d think most companies would go out of their way to make sure their torque tool calibration was up to date.

Yet as Windpower Engineering and Development points out, it’s a common error.

“Many companies make the same mistake every year assuming their torque tools are accurate and in working order,” the website says. “They also assume factory torque charts are correct, and a certified gauge ensures tool accuracy. It’s a hazardous assumption because calibrated power tools frequently are not performing as expected.”

At Maxpro, we know the importance of proper certification. That’s why when you get your tools certified with us, you’ll be working with a lab that is itself properly certified.

Maxpro’s calibration accreditation comes from A2LA, the nation’s foremost ISO 17025 accreditation agency. Their rigorous certification process has no equal in the industry. When you work with an A2LA-accredited laboratory, you can come away reassured that you’re working with a quality driven organization.

When you calibrate with Maxpro, we place a QR code on every piece of your equipment that we work with, so that you’ll always have your certification information ready for inspection.

We provide calibrations for manual, pneumatic, electric, battery, and hydraulic torque wrenches, along with pressure gauges and torque transducers.

Maxpro is proud of the investment it has made in cutting-edge precision calibration equipment. We want our clients to know they can rely on us to take care of their tools.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure you have a calibration certificate ready the next time a construction inspector comes around.

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