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How To Choose A Quality Mobile Calibration Laboratory

Mobile Calibration is a service that extends beyond your everyday calibration laboratory.

A typical calibration lab requires its’ customers to collect all of their equipment due for calibration, take an inventory, package equipment so that it can be shipped without being damaged, weigh boxes and print labels, and worst of all—a typical turnaround for a calibration facility can be 2-4 weeks, and sometimes it is even longer. Spending time completing all these tasks, and then following up with that calibration lab requires a significant amount of resources and time.

A mobile calibration lab is not only a mode of a convenience, it is a way to transform the way that you do business. You no longer need to plan for time away from your tools or even buy a second set just to get by. Tools calibrated onsite can be put back into commission immediately after calibration.

If you are considering using a Mobile Calibration Laboratory for your tooling you will want to ensure that the laboratory you choose is upholding a high standard of quality and accuracy.

Here are 5 necessities when choosing a Mobile Calibration Laboratory:

  1. Can this Mobile Laboratory calibrate every tool type that I need? ie. What is their scope?
  2. Are they Accredited by a governing body, such as A2LA?
  3. Has the technician that is coming onsite to calibrate been properly trained?
  4. Can the Mobile Laboratory properly track my equipment to ensure I stay organized and in compliance?
  5. If one of my tools is broken, does this Mobile Laboratory have the capability to make the necessary repairs or offer a suitable replacement?

If you have found a Mobile Calibration company and answered yes to all of these questions, then you are more likely to have a positive experience with service that you can count on, so be aware of companies that wash over these details. These 5 necessities are what make the difference between a tool you can count on and one that won’t function properly when you really need it. Contact MaxPro today for your mobile calibration needs!

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