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How to Choose and Install a Torque Wrench Reaction Arm

Every job requires the right tool. Using the wrong tool can make your job a lot harder, and potentially even dangerous.

The same holds true for the components you use to help your tools function more efficiently, such as the reaction arms often used with torque wrenches.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to choose and install a torque wrench reaction arm with the help of our partners at RAD Torque.

What is a torque wrench reaction arm?

RAD-25GX-Pneumatic-Torque-Wrench-Tie-Rod-Bolt-Application-PhotoReaction arms attach to a torque wrench and are used to absorb and transfer reaction force produced during fastening without affecting freedom of movement, thus preventing operator fatigue.

This is how it operates: A socket will run a nut onto a thread until some resistance – otherwise known as torque – develops and the socket ceases turning.

The barrel of the wrench and the reaction arm begin to rotate in the opposite direction until the arm stops against the reaction surface.

Unlike impact wrenches, the RAD wrench never transmits torque forces to the operator’s hand, instead applying the torque between the reaction surface and the nut being turned.

Watch this video from RAD to see an illustration of this process.

How do I know I’ve chosen the right torque wrench reaction arm?

To make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate reaction arm, you’ll need to:

  • Ensure the socket is even with the end of the reaction arm
  • Ensure the foot of the reaction arm aligns
  • The tool should be at a 90 degree angle when operating correctly

To prevent injury, keep your hands clear from the reaction arm and barrel when the tool is in operation. Again, you can watch this video from RAD to learn more.

How to install an industrial torque wrench reaction arm

Install the reaction arm by sliding it onto the barrel with the correct side out. The arm extension should always face away from the tool. Installing it backwards may put the extension too close to your hands and lead to injury.

With the reaction arm firmly seated, lock it to the barrel with the supplied retaining ring. Place a socket of the desired size on the square drive. Make sure you install the socket lock pin and set the O-ring to keep it in place.

Once again, RAD has provided a video that illustrates this process.

If you’d like to know more about RAD torque wrench reaction arms, Maxpro is here to help. We’re the top supplier of RAD products on the eastern seaboard. We sell their products, repair them and can even calibrate your tools.

Contact us today to learn more about our RAD torque wrench reaction arms and other RAD products. We’ll be happy to make sure you have the right tool for your job.

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