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Renting vs. Buying Torque Wrenches: What's the Best Option for You?

02/13/2023 06:45 AM

When it comes to using torque wrenches, the choice between renting and buying can be a difficult one. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring safety in various industries such as bridge construction, wind energy, manufacturing, and the military. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of both renting and buying torque […]

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Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Industrial Torque Wrench

02/09/2023 07:00 AM

If you work with heavy equipment, energy generation, bridges or heavy construction, or are a military engineer, the importance of proper maintenance and care for your torque wrench is paramount to ensuring long-term use. The lifespan of your wrench depends greatly on how you treat it when not in use and how often you calibrate […]

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Industrial Applications that Require Accurate Torque

11/28/2022 09:18 PM

A torque wrench is a tool used to ensure optimal tightness of bolts and screws. It has special internal mechanisms that aid in setting specifications for a specific application. Thus ensuring there is enough tension and loading of all parts. It is key to ensuring quality work.   Two types of torque wrenches are ideal, depending […]

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Types of Torque Wrenches and Operating Principles

06/21/2022 07:15 AM

There are five main kinds of torque wrenches in the market, each with pros and cons. Here is an overview of what they are, how they operate, and which scenario is the best for them. Click Torque Wrenches The click wrench gets its name because of the audible click sound they produce when you reach […]

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Common Torque Wrench Sizes: Finding the Right Size

06/07/2022 07:30 AM

Torque wrenches are usually described by their drive size, which in turn indicates the bits you can use to tighten fasteners. The torque wrench size significantly impacts its functioning since the bigger the drive size and the longer the handle, the more torque it can deliver. There are varied sizes, all of which work to […]

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Complete Guide to How Torque Wrenches Work

05/24/2022 08:00 AM

Torque is the rotational equivalent of force. Torque is measured in units of force multiplied by distance, like pound-feet or newton-meters (abbreviated ft-lb or Nm). Once you’ve got the hang of torque, you’ll be able to tell if your wrench is applying enough force to rotate the object that you’re attempting to turn. If it’s […]

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Torque Wrench Limitations: Accuracy and Range

03/29/2022 07:30 AM

A Torque Wrench is a vital tool used to apply the necessary torque when tightening bolts and nuts. It finds applications in the automotive, aerospace, engineering, and construction industries. This tool has been in the market for over a century. But it has seen considerable improvements over the decades, thanks to technology. When using a […]

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How to Choose the Correct Battery Torque Wrench

02/02/2022 07:37 AM

In the last few years, a number of new battery torque wrenches have come on the market.Advances in battery life, electronic control technology and, material developments have helped speed up the development of battery torque wrenches. In this blog, we are focusing on higher capacity/ torque-controlled battery tools, as opposed to assembly line battery torque […]

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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: Proper Operational and Safety Practices

12/07/2021 08:30 AM

Hydraulic torque wrenches are unique tools that produce significant amounts oftorque output when connected to the required operating hydraulic pump. 10 tips focused on operational safety when using this system: Hydraulic wrenches will save significant time and labor on heavy bolting applications such as flanges, valves, pumps and turbines when used properly. It’s important to […]

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Wind Industry's Number 1 Tool: E-RAD Torque Wrench

06/17/2021 11:26 AM

New World Technologies set the industry standard when the E-RAD electric high-capacity torque wrench debuted in 2005. There was nothing like this tool on the market at that time: a calibrated, accurate, electric torque wrench with a capacity as high as 4,000 feet/pounds. Around the same time, the American wind energy business started to take […]

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