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How to Choose the Correct Battery Torque Wrench

In the last few years, a number of new battery torque wrenches have come on the market.
Advances in battery life, electronic control technology and, material developments have helped speed up the development of battery torque wrenches. In this blog, we are focusing on higher capacity/ torque-controlled battery tools, as opposed to assembly line battery torque tools.

Battery Powered Torque WrenchThe first high torque battery wrench was developed by New World Technologies, (RAD), in 2006. This product was as off-shoot of RAD’s classic pneumatic stall type torque tool design.

RAD married its gearbox with a battery motor handle and developed a clutch mechanism to enable operators to set a desired torque output resulting in a 5% torque accuracy at stated set points. Today, just about all battery torque wrenches use a digital controller to control torque output.

Choosing a battery torque wrench the customer needs to assess their needs and application requirements. Options currently available include standard torque only type tools to transducer, angle encodement, programable, and data recording tools. And of course, the more features required means higher costs of the tools.

We find that most customers are looking for portable, convenient, calibrated torque tool that is durable and has long battery life. Customers in industries such as pipeline, construction, power generation, mining, and petrochemical plants find the standard current battery tools work well in their applications.   An ideal product for these customers is the B-RAD Select BL line of tools. Today these tools all have brushless motors, digital torque settings and long battery life. All of these units are calibrated with ISO 17025 calibration certification to +/- 5 % accuracy. For customers who require more precision, the
B-RAD “S” line of tools is now available. These tools have a built-in transducer to control a precision torque output, along with the ability to store and download data, lock out and set point codes, and preform torque and angle settings.

The B-RAD “S” series of tools is about 40% more in cost than the standard B-RAD Select BL tool line.   All battery tools are incredibly convenient and portable. We do highly recommend speaking to one of our battery tool experts before you purchase to ensure that you pick the right tool for your job.

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