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Spring Wind Turbine Projects? Time to Have Your E-RAD Tools Calibrated

April and May are typically a busy season for wind turbine projects, whether that means new construction or repowering, maintenance or service.

That’s why this is the best time to reach out to your authorized E-RAD service center to schedule torque wrench calibration for your E-RAD electric torque wrenches.

Maxpro is the largest authorized E-RAD torque wrench repair and calibration center in the U.S. And as an authorized, A2LA-certified calibration center, we can offer customers the following assurances when working on E-RAD torque tools:

  • Your tools will always be handled by factory-trained technicians who specialize in torque wrench repair for E-RAD tools.
  • When working on E-RAD wrenches, we use only the proper tools, figures, jigs and calibration equipment. We also carry the largest inventory of E-RAD parts in the country, allowing for the quickest possible turnaround time.
  • We offer the latest E-RAD software upgrades and have E-RAD tools for both sale and rental.
  • We provide ISO 17025-accredited calibrations on all E-RAD tools.

The importance of proper torque wrench calibration on wind turbine projects

E-RAD-2There’s little room for error when working on wind turbines, which is why companies like General Electric turn to RAD tools – the same line as the E-RAD – for their wind turbine projects.

These precision electric tools allow wind workers to install tower bolts with efficiency, ease and the knowledge that they’re working with the appropriate level of torque.

E-RAD tools are:

  • Fast – Operating much faster than hydraulic wrenches, working with these tools means you’ll decrease the time it takes to fasten bolts by 300 percent.
  • Lightweight – The E-RAD has an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio, which removes the need for heavy hydraulic pumps.
  • Quiet – At 75 dB, these are much quieter tools than other torque systems.
  • Versatile – The E-RAD offers a torque range of 800 to 15,000 foot-pounds.

We’ve recently seen a number of companies offering torque wrench repair and calibration without the authorization of New World Technologies, which manufactures E-RAD torque tools or the accreditation of A2LA.

In some cases, these unauthorized repairs have led to damaged tools and improper calibration, both costly and potentially dangerous scenarios.

This is a risk that we strongly recommend our customers avoid by working with an accredited torque wrench calibration and authorized repair company.

Contact Maxpro Corporation today to ensure your E-RAD tools are in optimal condition and correctly calibrated before you begin your next wind turbine project this spring.

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