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B-Rad Torque Tools: Taking Bolting to the Next level

Tools exist to make work easier. Nails call for a claw hammer, and screws, a screwdriver. But when it comes to tightening and loosening fasteners, the best tool for the job is not as clear. Should you use a wrench, a ratchet, or any other torque tool in existence?

Every now and then, a tool manufacturer will take things up a notch and upgrade an existing tool. Manufacturers are constantly asking for feedback from the field on how to improve their torque tools. Industry professionals in mining, construction, power generation, and other critical industries want one thing: compact, durable tools that still maintain accuracy and high torque.

It’s for this reason that many of these professionals turn to the Canadian company RAD when it comes to high functioning torque tools; the B-RAD torque system being one of their most popular wrenches.

RAD Battery Powered Torque Tools

Available in several configurations to suit multiple applications, the B-RAD suite of tools is one of the best solutions for controlled bolting. This state-of-the-art technology lets you tighten bolts, even without a steady power supply.

Battery-operated (B-RAD) torque tools offer high power, versatility, and reliability when applying non-critical torque values. And they offer better safety compared to pneumatic and electric torque systems. With B-RAD torque tools, you never have to worry about tripping over electric cords or air/hydraulic lines. Put simply: B-RAD torque tools offer the ultimate convenience.

Just what exactly do B-RAD torque tools have to offer? Let’s get into the details.

Two options exist. The manual B-RAD, which allows you to apply the target torque in increments of 10ft.Ibs/Nm and the digital B-RAD that enables you to select the exact torque values. Both options come fully calibrated to +/-5% accuracy, +/-2% repeatability, and with an 18V Lithium-ion battery making them ideal for pre-torque and non-torque critical applications.

When Are B-RAD Torque Tools Useful?

The simple answer? All the time. More specifically:

  • In applications where electricity and compressed air are not available.
  • For a quick, simple service job that doesn’t require the hassle of assembling pneumatic tools.

With higher speed and long battery life, B-RAD torque tools offer you the flexibility to work remotely and in tight spaces, such as oil or gas pipelines. Depending on the type of wrench, you can get torque ranges of up to 5,000ft/Ibs and speeds of up to 71RPM.

If you’re in the market for a tool that couples portability with real-time torque measurement, you won’t find a solution that beats the B-RAD torque series. Other features include:

  • Ideal for both heavy and light-duty operations.
  • Single-speed and high-speed models are available.
  • All RAD Torque tools are calibrated to ISO17025 standards.
  • Ergonomic pistol design reduces strain
    on users and helps prevent injuries.

The tools in the B-RAD Torque series aren’t just faster and lighter than other torque systems; they’re also quieter with an operating noise level of 75dB. The torque wrenches are also driven by continuous gearing, which reduces vibration, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.



Ready to Enhance Your Operations?

If your job involves regular bolting applications, you need a solution that offers optimum accuracy, speed, and reliability. Time is of the essence when you’re on the job. You don’t want your tools to go out of commission, so you need durable, advanced tools. With a B-RAD Torque tool, you get unrivaled power from a device that’s both portable and lightweight.

If you need help deciding which B-RAD Torque tool is best suited for your unique situation or industry, contact Maxpro today! Not only are we the leading distributor, but we’re also an A2LA-accredited calibration lab. We’ll make sure your tools continue to give you accurate, reliable readings.

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