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What is a RAD gun?

An Army mechanic, a wind turbine worker and a construction foreman sit down to talk about their jobs. Even though they work in different fields, they discover they all have something in common: the need for accurate, durable torque tools. It’s for this reason that so many professionals in these critical industries choose torque tools from the Canadian company RAD, makers of the RAD gun.

What is a RAD gun?

A “RAD Gun” is a common term to describe a “RADial” planetary gear reduction torque wrench manufactured by RAD Torque Systems.

These tools come in a few different varieties, including pneumatic, electric, and battery-operated (the popular B-RAD system).

Heavy industry workers seek out the RAD gun because it provides:

  • Accuracy – Offering controlled torque capable of +/- 5% accuracy and +/-2% repeatability
  • Power – RAD’s pneumatic wrenches offer the highest power-to-weight ratio of any pneumatic controlled bolting system.
  • Safety – The RAD gun’s lightweight, ergonomic pistol grip reduces strain on the operator and prevents injuries.

Where are RAD guns used?

The RAD gun is a useful tool for several different industries, including:

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are held together by hundreds upon hundreds of bolts, which means there’s a need for tools that are both durable and precise. Enter the E-RAD, which has become the go-to wrench for wind industry professionals.

These tools are not only faster and lighter than other torque systems, they operate more quietly (75 dB) and provide a high degree of accuracy (+/- 2.8 percent) and repeatability (+/- 2 percent).

With a patented gear box design and the precision of an electric AC Servo motor, these tools deliver smooth, continuous torque and can provide torque and angle sequences.

Power generation/pipelines/petrochemical

Just like wind, these industries require tools that are reliable enough to provide accurate tough and sturdy enough for rugged environments. RAD tools can handle a variety of different bolting applications in the power/pipeline/petrochemical field, including:

  • Workers in oil, gas and coal plants use torque wrenches for bolting on the crusher’s feed platform, housing, and liners, to fasten the casing bolts onto turbines and for bolting on compressors.
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches are used by oil production and exploration operations for wellhead connections, valves and flow lines.
  • Torque tools are used to assemble flanged joints, pipelines and valves at pumping and compressor stations and for general maintenance.
  • At nuclear power plants, torque wrenches are used for day-to-day maintenance and for bolting casket covers.


Mining is a tough job, requiring tough tools like the RAD gun. These wrenches are used for several different bolting applications, including:

  • Track maintenance on construction vehicles such as bulldozers and hydraulic excavators
  • Frame bolting for crushers
  • Maintenance on conveyor systems

In addition to these industries, you’ll find RAD guns in:

  • The manufacturing sector, where they’re used for heavy equipment installation and replacement
  • The military, where they keep tanks and other heavy-duty vehicles operational
  • Construction, for tire replacement on dump trucks
  • On bridges, where they’re used for A325 and A490 bolting applications.

Maxpro: Your source for RAD gun calibration

When it’s time to repair your RAD gun, or have your torque tools calibrated, make sure you use an accredited calibration service.

Working with an unauthorized repair service can lead to damage to your tools or improper calibration, which can lead to costly – and potentially dangerous – mistakes.

We recommend our customers avoid that risk by having the tools calibrated here. Maxpro is an authorized RAD dealer and calibration service.

When you have your RAD tools calibrated or repaired with us, you can rest assured that:

  • Your tools will be looked after by factory-trained technicians who specialize in RAD repair.
  • We will only use the proper tools, figures and calibration equipment when working with your RAD tools.
  • You’ll see a quick turnaround time on repairs, thanks to our massive
    inventory of RAD parts.

In addition, Maxpro offers the latest software updates for RAD torque tools and can boast an A2LA-accredited calibration lab. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your next project.

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