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Can a Torque Wrench be Repaired?

We are often asked if it’s worth the time and expense to repair a manual torque wrench. The answer to this question, like most answers is: It depends. 

First off, this blog is based for the industrial, commercial customer, not the consumer home use customer.

Quality manual torque wrenches can range in price from about a hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars depending on torque range, size and accuracy. Ratchets, springs and pawls in torque wrenches can wear and break over time and usage. These parts are typically available as repair kits and relatively inexpensive to replace is most quality manual torque wrenches.

Customers need to consider down time without the torque wrench in use and shipping costs when sending out torque wrenches for repair and calibration. Most certified repair centers will have a one hour minimum labor charge to replace these parts. After parts replacement the tool will need to be re-calibrated. As a customer you need to make an evaluation if it’s cost effective to have this repair performed.

Typically, what we see is repairs are cost effective usually on larger wrenches, such as ¾” and 1” drives. On smaller units such as 3/8” & ½” drive tools, often the replacement cost for a new unit makes sense over the repair of these smaller torque wrenches. Working with an ISO 17025 Accredited calibration and repair center will assure you that the tool is properly evaluated, tested, repaired and calibrated. For more information or questions, contact Maxpro Corporation @

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