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Torque Wrench Calibration: Why using an ISO 17025 company is a must.

Applying the correct bolt torque to critical industrial applications, such as wind turbines, bridges, gas and oil pipelines and pumps and valves, can be the determining factor if a company running smoothy, or could face a catastrophe.

Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, battery and mechanical torque wrenches are the equipment
used to apply this critical torque. Therefore, it is imperative that the equipment used on these applications is calibrated and tested to the highest
level to assure and meet quality standard.

Here are 3 tips a company should consider when discussing torque wrenches calibration:

  • 1. Calibration of the equipment should be set up through the company’s quality department, not the tool room.
  • 2. Calibration intervals should be determined by the quality and engineering departments.
  • 3. Quality department should choose the calibration service provider, and they must ISO 17025 accredited.

An ISO 17025 calibration lab for your torque equipment provides:

  • A strict, industry standard that the provider must adhere to.
  • Properly trained technicians on equipment being tested.
  • Traceability of all test standards used.
  • Follows a set procedure for all equipment calibrated.
  • Audited by an outside firm to assure quality.
  • Produces certification and documentation with accreditation logo.

The regular, set calibration of your torque equipment by and ISO 17025 accredited company will assure you that your product or service will meet the highest quality standards.

Maxpro Corporation is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab, specializing in torque and pressure calibration.

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