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Torque Wrench Calibration: ISO 17025 vs ANSI Z540

Torque Wrench CalibrationThe United States uses two national standards for calibration labs: ANSI Z540, which was introduced in 1994, and ISO 17025, which was developed in 1999. 

But what sets them apart? Among the differences are the variations in scope and philosophy. 

ANSI Z540 applies only to calibration labs and stresses calibration as well as verification of measurement and test equipment outside the lab. 

The authors of ISO 17025 wanted to include requirements for calibration and testing labs, by showing that the lab operates in a technically proficient manner under a documented quality system producing accurate results.  

Their philosophy was to provide competent measurement services with results that could be traced. The lab and its client agree on the services provided, and the validity of the testing and calibration is regulated by internal quality standards. Labs can demonstrate their competency through accreditation. 

With these differences in mind, consider four situations when deciding what standards to apply. 

  1. If you need just calibration services, either standard will work, but remember that only 17025 meets international requirements.  
  2. If you need testing services, only ISO 17025 applies.  
  3. For situations calling for calibration and testing services, only the 17025 does both.  
  4. If the customer’s requirements cover measuring and testing equipment outside the supplier’s lab, only the Z540-1 Part II applies for work done in the U.S. If international customers in this scenario have such requirements, they are covered by ISO 10012.  

Maxpro is proud of the investment it has made to achieve ISO 17025 certification, considered the foremost standard for labs that provide calibration and testing. In achieving 17025 accreditations, laboratories have shown they are technically competent and are able to generate precise testing and calibration data.

We reached this important milestone last year, and are now one of only a few companies in the US that can provide calibrated, high capacity, accredited 17025 torque equipment to fulfill the needs of industries such as power, petro-chemical, mining, pipeline, and construction.

Contact Maxpro today to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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