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Torque Tools for the Wind Energy Industry

When you’re working on a wind turbine high off the ground, there isn’t much time to worry whether you’ve brought the right tools.

That’s why so many professionals in this field trust the wind industry torque tools made by RAD, designed to be precise yet extremely durable.

Companies like General Electric and Siemens trust RAD tools to construct and maintain wind power facilities around the globe because they know these wrenches can meet the unique needs of their industry.

The importance of choosing the right wind energy torque tools

Imagine trying to flange wind tower components from inside the tower. Or working on a tower with an unusual curvature. In either case, using a straight tool for bolting isn’t feasible.

That’s where a tool such as the E-RAD can help. Working with the company’s precision electric tools and smart socket, wind workers can install tower bolts with ease, efficiency and the proper amount of torque.

Other features of these wrenches include:

  • Turbine torqueLightweight – The E-RAD has an unmatched power-to-weight ratio to removes the need to use heavy hydraulic pumps, which can eliminate operator fatigue. At the same time, they can handle high-torque bolting, including the 2,000 foot pounds to 15,000 foot pounds sometimes required for tower bolts.
  • Fast – These wrenches are much faster than hydraulic wrenches, decreasing the time it takes to fasten bolts by up to 300 percent by providing smooth, continuous torque.
  • Quiet – Operating at 75 dB, they’re much quieter than other torque systems.
  • Versatile – These wind energy torque tools offer a torque range of 800 to 15,000-foot pounds.

Maxpro is proud to provide E-RAD tools for sale or rent to wind turbine professionals or really any industry that requires heavy duty torque equipment.

Some of the RAD tools we offer include:

  • PaddedImage400400FFFFFF-E-RAD-BLUE-700E-RAD 700 – A compact tool for assembly, production and maintenance, designed to eliminate carpal tunnel complaints.
  • E-RAD 1500 – The small gearbox on this tool is ideal for providing a lot of torque with a short, slim design.
  • E-RAD 2500 – Widely used in the nuclear power field, this compact wrench is perfect for valves, pumps and head exchangers.
  • E-RAD 3000 – RAD’s number-one selling electric wrench for the wind industry, considered a must-have for anyone working on turbines.
  • E-RAD 6000 – Designed to meet the need for a tool that can handle larger wind turbines.
  • E-RAD 7500 – The highest capacity E-RAD tool, this relatively small wrench was designed for heavy use in extreme industrial applications.

In addition to offering these tools for sale or rent, Maxpro can calibrate your E-RAD equipment in our state of the art, A2LA/ISO-17025 accredited lab. Contact us today to find out how we can help you complete your next wind industry project.

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