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The Importance of RAD Smart Socket Calibration

If you purchased a RAD smart socket in the last few years, this is a good time to make sure its calibration is up to date.

Most experts in the torque tool field would recommend having smart socket calibration performed annually, but this time frame can depend on customer usage and their quality processes.

The RAD smart socket is a highly-advanced torque transducer that has the ability to read torque output directly on the bolt while being applied via a torque tool.

The smart socket’s innovative design allows you to work with a device no larger than a standard socket, with cutting-edge technology that makes the ideal audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and calibrating a range of different torque tools.

Smart socket calibration is a unique, specialized operation involving calibrated weights and beams, technician training and documentation. Multiple measurements taken at various rotation positions of the smart socket ensure torque is correctly calculated.

As we have written before, anyone who needs torque transducer calibration should ask themselves these four questions:

1. Does the company have ISO 17025 accreditation specifically for smart socket calibration?

2. Does the company have the ability to calibrate the torque range?

3. How long will this work take?

4. What will it cost?

Maxpro is the only U.S.-based, factory-authorized and ISO 17025 accredited company that can provide you with smart socket calibration.

Our Horsham, PA laboratory is fully equipped to calibrate, repair and maintain all smart sockets in a timely manner.

And if we find that a smart socket is out of tolerance, we have the ability to adjust and bring the smart socket back into specification. We notify customers immediately upon discovery of any out-of-tolerance conditions in their smart sockets.

Contact Maxpro today to ensure your RAD smart socket calibration is handled by a professional, fully-accredited lab. We look forward to making sure your devices perform to the best of their ability.

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