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The Best Cordless Torque Wrenches 2020

In the world of cordless torque wrenches, few tools have come further in-terms of quality than the battery-powered torque wrench. When we wrote about these wrenches a few years ago, we offered several caveats, such as the fact that the tools had a shorter battery life. 

But in 2020, battery powered wrenches — particularly the ones offered by RAD tool — are among the best cordless torque wrenches.

Here’s why:

  • The weight of the battery in these
    cordless torque wrenches is substantially lower than on earlier models.
  • They offer electronic features not included
    on pneumatic torque tools.
  • There’s no power cord or airline involved, allowing operators to use these tools on jobs
    that require them to work in smaller spaces.
  • They feature an automatic release function that activates once torque
    is applied to a bolt.

Among RAD’s cordless torque wrenches is the Digital B-RAD tool, the world’s first cordless, digital and battery-powered tool with a digital display and single increment torque settings. These tools also feature:

  • A lithium ion battery
  • Dual scale, reading ft./lbs and nm.
  • LED indicator lights
  • Integrated calibration

In addition, each tool features a:

  • Reaction arm
  • Choice of either a simple screen or digital display
  • Two batteries and a charger
  • Retaining ring
  • Storage case
  • Operations manual

Lastly, this wrench will arrive with a calibration certificate, giving you peace of mind that you’re working with a tool that has ISO-17025 accreditation. 

This tool provides unrivaled power and reliability from a cordless torque wrench that’s portable and lightweight, perfect for jobs where electrical tools or compressed air connections are either unavailable or impractical.

Other benefits of the BRAD include:

  • Controlled torque capable of +/- 5 percent accuracy and +/-2 percent
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • An ergonomic pistol grip which reduces operator strain and prevents injury.

What’s the difference between the BRAD vs. the D-BRAD?

RAD makes two battery-powered wrenches, the B-RAD and the D-BRAD. While these cordless torque wrenches have similar names, there are some key differences between them.


While both tools are fully ISO 17025 calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 5% F.S, the DB style torque wrench can be set to 1 ft/lb. or NM increments, while the B-RAD can be set at every 10 ft/lbs. or NM.


The B-RAD wrench has a brushless motor and carries an approved Class 1, Division 2 intrinsically safe certificate. This same motor allows the B-RAD to operate in certain volatile environments. The DB-style tool has a brushed motor and does not come with this safety certificate.


DB wrenches come with a two-speed style gearbox, while B-RAD tools are available in single speed and two-speed configurations. But the B-RAD brushless motor is generally faster and provides a higher RPM.

Auto Back-Off

Unlike the DB wrench, the B-RAD automatically releases torque — or backs off — from the bolt once final torque is applied. This removes the need for the operator to reverse the tool to get it to detach.

Pre-Set Torque Set Up

DB cordless torque wrenches have a digital controller which allows the operator to set up to eight pre-set torque settings on the screen. The B-RAD tool doesn’t have this feature.

 Would you like to learn more about these battery-powered cordless torque wrenches? Turn to Maxpro. We are the nation’s leading RAD distributor and an accredited calibration lab, allowing you to go to work with the confidence that your tools provide reliable readings.

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