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The Benefits of Using a Battery Powered Torque Wrench

One of the greatest comeback stories in our industry in recent years has been the battery powered torque wrench.

When we first wrote about these tools a few years ago, it was with several caveats, including the fact that they had a shorter battery life.

But these days, battery powered torque wrenches carry many of the benefits of other torque wrench varieties with none of the drawbacks of their earlier incarnations.

B-RAD1500_001-1Some of the benefits of battery powered torque wrenches include:

  • These are lightweight tools, with the weight of the battery considerably lower than what you’d find years ago.
  • These wrenches include electronic features that pneumatic wrenches can’t offer
  • Battery powered torque wrenches don’t use a power cord or airline, allowing you to use them in applications that require work in tighter spaces such as refineries and pipelines.
  • New battery powered wrenches come with an automatic release function that kicks in once torque is applied to the bolt

The Digital B-RAD battery powered torque wrench

Digital Screen on B RadMaxpro is the leading supplier of RAD torque tools in the country, including the Digital B-Rad tool, the world’s first cordless, digital and lithium-ion battery powered torque wrench with a digital display and single increment torque settings.

These tools feature a color screen and keypad that provides unmistakable visual LED indicator lights, and feature integrated calibration, a lithium ion battery and a dual scale reading ft./lbs. and nm.

With the B-Rad, you’ll get unrivaled power, versatility and reliability from a tool that’s portable and lightweight, ideal for applications where electricity or compressed air are not available or practical.

Available with either a simple screen or digital display, each tool includes a reaction arm, two batteries, a charger, retaining ring, storage case, and an operations manual. In addition, your B-RAD wrench will arrive with a calibration certificate ensuring its ISO 17025 accreditation.

Other benefits of this battery powered torque wrench include:

  • Accuracy – This is a stall type tool with controlled torque capable of +/-5 percent accuracy and +/- 2 percent repeatability
  • Power – Highest power-to-weight ratios of any pneumatic controlled bolting system
  • Safety – This wrench features an economic pistol grip which reduces strain on operators and helps to prevent injury

Would you like to know more about the B-RAD battery powered torque wrench (or any other RAD tool)? Maxpro can help. Not only we are the leading RAD distributor in the country, we are also an A2LA-accredited calibration lab, with the ability to make sure your tools give you accurate, reliable readings.

Contact us today to find out how RAD and Maxpro can help you complete your next project.

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