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RAD Torque Tools in the Wind Industry

RAD Torque tools have been instrumental in the explosive growth and expansion of the wind industry in the world for the last 15 years.   Partnering with key manufactures such as GE, Vestas, and Siemens-Gamesa, along with major wind turbine installers, RAD is the go-to torque tool manufacturer that helps these companies move forward in the wind industry.

Maxpro is RAD Torques largest authorized US distributer, repair and calibration center involved in servicing the wind industry. Today Maxpro provides the following RAD products to the wind industry:

  • E-RAD electric torque wrenches: The industry standard for accurate/calibrated torque tools widely utilized by, manufactures, installers, contractors, service companies and site owners on wind turbines

Now available up to 18,000 NM in torque capacity.

  • B-RAD battery torque wrenches: Maxpro and RAD offer 3 styles and models of battery torque tools.
    • B-RAD Select BL series which is the basic calibrated battery torque wrench. Available up to 5,000 ft./lbs. or 7,000 NM. These automatically “back-off”, after the torque is applied.
    • DB-RAD series, which is a 1-foot pound/ 1 NM, controlled calibrated tool that can have torque and angle capability added on to this tool.
    • B-RAD Select “S”: The most accurate, capability battery tool on the market: Features include: Torque & Angle, Data Down Load, Torque Check Capability, Torque Pre-Set Capability. Models up to 5,000 ft/lbs. or 7,000 NM.
  • Smart Sockets: These are torque transducer sockets, with accuracy to +/-1 % of the actual bolt live in the application that is being torqued. Now with sizes available up to 105 MM nut/socket size. This unique calibrated socket is capable of being used with ERAD tools, Hydraulic Wrenches, and Torque
  • V-RAD Turning Gear tools. These basic electric torque wrenches are typically used with adding a turning gear and reaction plate to rotate wind turbine components during service cycles.

Maxpro is ready to assist all customers in the wind industry, with it’s 12,000-foot service center, and ISO 17025 accredited calibration & repair facility located in Horsham, PA. For more information:

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