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RAD Torque Systems: What do they have to offer?

Exact torque specifications are critical in many industries. A wrong adjustment can cause a major part failure. This could require a costly repair and a deadline being missed. A torque wrench with the proper size drive and handle can make a significant difference in reaching these exact torque measurements. Rad Torque Systems manufactures a wide variety of torque wrenches for every industry. These tools are considered to be the industry standard for high quality and safety. Here are several of the many high-quality torque wrenches that are being used around the world for industries such as automotive, mining, power systems, aerospace, and wind generation:


RAD Single Speed The single-speed model is built with toughness in mind. This is the torque wrench to have for installing and removing larger heavy-duty fasteners. There is minimal vibration and no destructive hammering with the smooth operation. The strain on the operator is minimized because of the lightweight construction and state-of-the-art vibration suppression. The result is less fatigue affects the user. A very precise accuracy rate of +/- 4% is one of the best in the industry.

RAD High Speed– Two-speed models are available that are equipped with a fully automatic gearbox. The user does not have to worry about switching the wrench back and forth wasting valuable time when trying to meet a deadline. Speeds of 80 RPM can be reached for sensitive bolting applications important in certain industries. Strain on the operator is kept low because of the faster speeds.

                                E-RAD BLU SERIES

E-RAD BLU S– This torque wrench boosts the highest accuracy rate in the market. The newest addition to the Blu-S line is fitted with a transducer. An operator identification feature allows the torque sequences to be tracked to follow the progress of an operation. Password protection is also included to further track the use of the tool. The Blu-S is a nice addition to the E-Rad Blu Series line.

E-RAD BLU– The proven Rad gearbox design and servo technology make this model a capable choice for high-accuracy torque applications. Bolting time can be reduced by 300% over conventional hydraulic torque wrenches with the RAD gearbox and Servo motor technology. Angle and torque measurements are possible with a console module that provides a digital readout.

                     B-RAD BATTERY SERIES

B-RAD STorque can be displayed in real-time with the newest addition to the B-RAD series. Projects that require the most exact measurements will be handled easily with this capable tool. Automatic reaction arm release minimizes downtime and increases torque output. The B-RAD BL S boosts the highest accuracy available today with a built-in transducer. Accuracy is +/- 5%.  There is a brushless motor and password protection is included. 

B-RAD SelectOne very useful feature included with this tool is an automatic back-off which allows users to move on to the next bolt quickly. 2 buttons raise or lower the value by 10 ft. lbs. This is a simple and handy upgrade that users will appreciate during a long work day. This torque wrench is an excellent choice when no electricity or compressed air is available. 


All the tools come with safety instructions on a USB flash drive and the operator’s manual. RAD’s belief about safety is that features should provide safe operation without impeding the progress of the project. Users are made aware of the precautions that need to be taken when using power tools. Several of the safety features are:

  • Double Safety
    Trigger Option
  • Hand Guards
  • Tool Hangers for safe storage

These are just several of the quality torque wrenches available from RAD Torque Systems. The innovative approach to gearbox construction has made this company a consistent leader in the industry. RAD is always engaged in research and development and consistently releases new products. A new 60,000-square-foot facility in Alberta, Canada is fully equipped for research, development, and the manufacture of tools promptly.

All of these pneumatic, electric, and battery products can be found at MAXPRO Corporation. Whatever your specific type of torque requirements, the right tool for the job is here. Maxpro carries the newest torque wrenches on the market. We have been proudly serving our customers since 1993. Our facility in Horsham, PA includes a calibration and repair center. You can rent any of the outstanding RAD torque wrenches. Contact MAXPRO torque equipment and calibration services with any questions regarding torque wrenches and associated equipment. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!

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