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RAD Torque Smart Socket Calibration Update

RAD Torque and Maxpro have expanded their range of smart sockets and calibration capacity for these smart sockets up to 20,000-foot pounds / 30,000 newton meters.

Smart Sockets are now available from ¾” square drive to 2 ½” square drive with a hex range size from 1-1/4” to 4 5/8” or 32 mm to 100 mm hex socket sizes.

Most importantly, Maxpro is the only US authorized ISO 17025 accredited facility that’s able to calibrate these sockets to full capacity. Maxpro and RAD torque have invested heavily in new equipment, fixtures and certification to be able to specifically support the calibration of the larger and higher torque capacity Smart Sockets.

Smart Sockets are a patented, revolutionary, torque transducers that measure torque directly on the bolt/application and give you a “true” torque measurement to +/- 1% of reading. Now, all sizes are available in the ranges stated above. Smart sockets were originally designed to be used with ERAD electric torque tools, but can be used with any non-impacting tool.

Contact Maxpro for a quote today on both purchasing and or calibrating smart sockets.

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