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[VIDEO] Pneumatic Torque Wrench Set Up

Today we’re launching a series of video blog posts focusing on Maxpro’s products and services.

First up: Ron DeMarino, the rental manager here at Maxpro, explains how to hook up and operate a pneumatic torque wrench.

Ron spends much of this clip discussing the importance of safety and proper certification when using a pneumatic torque wrench.  That includes inspecting every part of the tool for what he refers to as “abuse,” and checking the certificate of calibration against the tool’s serial number.

“I know I have a perfect match. Each tool is calibrated specially to itself,” DeMarino says in the video.

He stresses the importance of wearing safety gear – goggles, gloves – and avoiding pinch points.

“Keep your body away from this tool,” DeMarino says.

For more details, watch our new video.

And be sure to contact Maxpro if you have any questions about our calibration services and torque tool sales and rentals. We’ll be happy to help you complete your next project.

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