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Most Accurate Torque Wrench: Why Use Digital torque wrenches (DTWs)

When fixing a broken arm, we want to tighten the bolt as tight as possible without having a backlash. Torque measure how much force is applied to a fastener and how far you can turn it. 

Torque wrenches have a range of uses, from tightening small bolts on bicycles or cars to large bolts on industrial equipment or aircraft. They can be handheld or handheld-cordless and comes in two forms: digital and analog.

The correct torque wrench is essential when working on your car or other vehicles. The right tool will make your job easier and save you money on repairs and maintenance. If you use the wrong one, it can cause damage to your car or make it harder to work, costing you time and money.

Digital torque wrenches (DTWs) have several advantages over conventional mechanical wrenches. Advantages include:

  1. Real-time Display: Digital torque instantaneously displays whether or not the torque is being applied correctly, reducing the amount of time, effort, and money wasted on wrenches that are not tuned accurately. 
  2. Accuracy: Traditional wrenches rely on the user’s feelings and mechanical levers for the torque. In contrast, a digital torque wrench uses electronic sensors to ensure you apply the correct amount of torque to the fastener. Accuracy is critical when working with sensitive components or when torque specifications are essential to the success of a project. 
  3. Saves Time: Digital torque wrenches don’t need to be adjusted before or after use, which helps you save time compared to traditional torque wrenches.
  4. Avoid Backlash: It also has inbuilt mechanisms to prevent you from applying too much torque, commonly referred to as backlash. You can also set a specific torque value; the wrench will
    automatically shut off when that value is reached, preventing over tightening.
  5. Added Safety: You can also use it to check if a bolt or nut has been adequately tightened, which can help ensure no accident occurs due to mechanical negligence.
  6. Data Logging: Digital torque wrenches also have a built-in memory to log data which you can later download and analyze on a computer. This information can be helpful for quality control and maintenance, when troubleshooting an issue or working on similar projects.
  7. In-built Timer: Some digital torque wrenches have built-in timers. The timer can be helpful when
    working with fasteners that need to be tightened for a given duration. The timer function can help ensure that the fastener is tightened for the correct amount of time and can help avoid over-tightening or under-tightening a fastener.
  8. Immune to External Factors: Since it uses digital technology rather than mechanical components, it is less affected by factors like friction, temperature, or mechanical noise, which causes inaccuracies in analog torque wrenches.

Digital torque wrenches are easy to use, provide accurate readings and can be set to specific torque values, and have built-in memory, which is excellent for anyone looking for precision and accuracy.

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