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Maxpro Corporation Achieves ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation for Calibration

a2la.pngMaxpro Corporation of Horsham, PA achieved ISO 17025 status for calibration services in October. “This has been a company goal of ours for several years”, president Tom Macey said.

“This will elevate our company to world class status as a leader in our specialty market of high capacity torque equipment.”

Maxpro now offers ISO 17025 calibrations for manual, pneumatic, electric, battery, and hydraulic torque wrenches, along with pressure gauges and torque transducers.

As traditional heavy industries in the US, such as, power, petro-chemical, mining, pipeline, and construction continue advance and become more quality driven, the need for compliant, calibrated torque equipment continues to increase. Maxpro is only one of a few companies in the US that can provide calibrated, high capacity, accredited 17025 torque equipment to fulfill the needs of these industries.

Maxpro is accredited by A2LA, certificate # 3912.01, for calibration services. A2LA is the country’s premier ISO 17025 accreditation firm, based in Fredrick, MD.

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