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Industrial Torque Tool Safety

Back in August, we headed to Nashville to attend the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association’s national conference.

The VPPPA – like its name suggests – is a voluntary organization of industrial companies that work toward meeting and exceeding workplace safety goals.

Workplace safety is a pretty broad topic in the industrial world, so we decided to focus on industrial torque tool safety. More specifically, we wanted to find out the market leader for torque tools.

These days, the best torque tool manufacturers concentrate on safety when designing their products, paying special attention to create something that’s both safe and easy to use.

RAD Torque Systems has been a leader in industrial torque tool safety, emphasizing a “safety first” approach to its products.

B-RAD-SELECT_Battery Operated torque WrenchThey were the first manufacturer to introduce a high-capacity battery torque wrench. Roughly a decade later, this product has evolved to include a built-in safety start/stop button to ensure the operator has their hands in the optimal locations.

Another feature is the automatic nut back off, allowing the tool to unlock itself, relieving the operator from having to struggle to remove the tool from the bolt.

Finally, RAD has begun offering a new battery torque wrench that is simply the lightest and most ergonomically friendly product in its class.

But industrial torque tool safety goes beyond any one product. It’s important to follow the right procedures when operating these tools:

  • Goggles 
protectionAlways wear eye protection
  • Inspect wrenches for worn or cracked sockets and lubricate worn parts
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions on torque direction, lubrication, proper force, torque tighten/release cycles and pattern and sequence
  • Do not use handle extensions or other accessories unless specified by the manufacturer
  • Do not exceed the recommended working range of a torque wrench
  • Be careful not to drop your wrench or slide it along the floor
  • Keep torque wrenches away from extreme temperatures or humidity and be sure to store them in a protective case when not in use
  • Only use torque wrenches to apply specific torque during final assembly, not as your main method of tightening or loosening fasteners
  • Have your wrenches inspected and recalibrated every six months

New-Style-BRAD-700-ApplicationIt pays to work safe and smart. Workplace accidents cost companies billions every year. This is why it’s important for industrial tool customers to seek the safest, lightest, and easiest to use products available.

Let Maxpro help you find those products. We’re the east coast’s leading torque tool supplier, and an authorized dealer for the RAD torque wrenches we’ve described above.

In addition, Maxpro’s A2LA-accredited calibration lab can allow you to work with the confidence that your torque tools are providing accurate results. Contact us today to learn more.

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