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Importance of Planetary Gear Technology in Torque Tools

Planetary gearheads are high-precision, motor-control devices that can generate a significant amount of torque, while offering low backlash and high torsional stillness.

Torque tools that use planetary technology have many advantages over impact tools that use a ratcheting action. Among their benefits, planetary gear torque tools provide smooth, continuous torque that is ergonomic for the user.

How Planetary Gears Work

PlanetaryGear-20170509.jpgPlanetary gearheads take high-speed, low-torque input and increases the torque while reducing the speed at the output by the gearhead ratio.

As Machine Design puts it:

“This lets motors run at higher, more-efficient rpms in equipment that operates at low speeds. It also reduces inertia reflected back to the motor, increasing stability. And using a planetary gearhead often lets machine builders reduce the size and cost of motion-control hardware.”

If you’re looking for planetary gear torque tools, look no further than the RAD company. All RAD torque wrenches share one attribute: they use patented planetary gear technology.

RAD has spent the last 20 years perfecting these tools, and the result is the most lightweight, compact and reliable torque tools on the market.

Advantages of Planetary Gear Torque Tools

Unlike conventional torque tools, wrenches driven by planetary gear can offer continuous rotation while applying controlled torque. This makes them faster than conventional hydraulic wrenches, while the tool’s pistol grip makes it safer and more ergonomic.

RAD’s DX is the latest generation of planetary gearboxes, designed for extreme duty in a variety of industries around the globe.

Maxpro is proud to be a leading provider of tools for RAD, and of our ability to make sure these tools perform with accuracy, thanks to our investment in precision calibration and certification equipment.

For nearly 25 years, we’ve been providing calibration services through our A2LA accreditated laboratory. A2LA is the country’s foremost ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation organization, which means our customers can complete their work knowing they’ve worked with a quality laboratory.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide the planetary gear torque tools for your next project.

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