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How to Get Peak Performance from Your Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Whether it’s a coal mine deep below the earth or a city skyscraper that you can see from miles away, a pneumatic torque wrench helped make it happen.

These wrenches are widely used in heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, pipelines and construction, and are essential for keeping these facilities running safely and efficiently.

But a pneumatic torque wrench can only function properly with routine maintenance, which can ensure that every bolted connection these tools touch are properly torqued.

RAD-1800NG-Pnuematic-Torque-Wrench-Cutter-Edge-Bolts-Application-PhotoHere are 10 things you’ll need to do to ensure that your wrench is well-maintained.

  • Examine the air source in your air compressor. Make sure water and dirt have been blown out of the lines before you connect the hose from the air compressor to your tool.
  • Examine your FRL pack – filter, regulator, lubricator – something all pneumatic torque wrenches should have, running between the air compressor hose and tool hose.
  • Make sure the lubricator is filled with the proper air tool lubrication.
  • Remove water/contaminants under the regulator catch in the FRL pack.
  • Put a few drops of air tool lubricant directly into the nipple of the wrench before use.
  • When you’ve finished using the pneumatic torque wrench, make sure there is no water left in the tool. Water is your wrench’s worst enemy.
  • Add a few drops of air tool oil or silicone spray into the nipple after each use.
  • Store the torque wrench in the nipple/handle up position.
  • iso17025-1Have the tool re-calibrated each year by an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab that has the proper equipment and experience to calibrate pneumatic torque wrenches.
  • The tool’s gear box should be overhauled after 1,000 hours of use or every three years. This work needs to be performed by a qualified repair facility that can then recalibrate the wrench to ISO 17025 standards.

ERAD-calibration-008When was the last time you had your torque wrench recalibrated? If you’re overdue, turn to Maxpro. We’re the nation’s largest RAD pneumatic torque wrench dealer and an authorized repair and ISO 17025 calibration center for all RAD products.

Contact us today to learn how Maxpro can help you achieve torque and bolting excellence.

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