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How Battery Powered Torque Wrenches Have Gotten Better

In the late summer of 2017, we wrote about the advantages and drawbacks of using a battery-powered torque wrench.

At the time, the negatives seemed to outweigh the positives.

Yes, a battery-powered torque wrench allows operators to work without a power cord and have electronic features that other torque tools can’t match. However, we noted in 2017 that these tools had a short battery life and a less robust motor.

But a lot can happen in 18 months, so we decided to do a follow-up that focuses on some of the changes and advancements to that product line.

Battery technology continues to advance in numerous sectors, including cars, appliances and machinery, as well as the high-capacity torque tool industry.

While the cost of a battery-powered torque wrench hasn’t changed much in two years, technological improvements have opened new customers to using these tools for their industries.

BRad 2Some of the changes/improvements to the battery powered torque wrench include:

  • Double the battery life compared to what you would have found in 2017
  • At the same time, the weight of the batteries has been reduced by 20 percent
  • The new tools allow for brushless-style motors, leading to a longer motor life
  • New battery-powered tools have a built-in automatic release function after torque is applied to the bolt
  • Battery torque tool capacity is now achieved on 5,000 ft./lb. torque tools

In the past, many customers have chosen pneumatic torque tools for their bolting applications. These new advancements in battery technology are allowing customers to work without air compressors and the encumbrance of having air hoses attached to their tools, leading to greater safety and productivity.

Are you ready to make the switch to a battery-powered torque wrench? Turn to Maxpro. We are the country’s leading stocking distributor of RAD battery torque tools. We offer a full inventory of RAD products, along with repair and ISO 17025 calibration services. Contact us today to find the right torque tool for your next application.

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