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Does RAD Make a Torque Wrench for My Bolting Application?

Based in Canada, RAD is a leading manufacturer of torque equipment, including hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and battery-powered torque wrenches.

With more than 21 years’ industry experience, you’ll find these high-quality tools at work in a number of different critical industries.

Maxpro is proud to serve as the leading supplier of RAD tools in the United States. As such, we’ve helped facilitate torque wrench bolting applications in industries such as:

Wind Industry

wind Turbine and bolts 2There are more than a thousand bolts holding a wind turbine together, which means the need for precise, durable tools. RAD’s E-RAD tools – their electronic torque wrench – is the wrench of choice for professionals in the wind industry.

They’re quieter than other torque systems (75dB), faster, lighter and provide a high degree of accuracy (+/- 2.8 percent) and repeatability (+/- 2 percent). The combination of a patented gear box design and the precision of an electric AC Servo motor allow these tools to deliver smooth continuous torque and are capable of torque and angle sequence.

Hydraulic torque wrenches are used to tighten and loosen bolts on the turbine base. They also help fasten the bolts on the turbine blades and gear boxes and remove or install head bolts on a forming press.

Mining/Quarry Operations

Bulldozer QuarryMining requires tough workers and even tougher tools, which is why so many miners have chosen RAD tools. These tools are able to carry out numerous torque wrench bolting applications, including:

  • Track maintenance on bulldozers.
  • Undercarriage servicing, track maintenance and side frame removal and electric rope shovels
  • Track maintenance for hydraulic excavators and blast hole drill rigs, and upper rail maintenance on drag lines.
  • General maintenance on long wall mining systems
  • Motor and gear box maintenance on conveyor systems
  • Frame bolting on crushers

Power generation, Petro-Chemical and Pipelines

Flanged JointAgain, this is a critical industry that demands tools that are both sturdy and reliable. RAD tools can handle several different torque wrench bolting applications, including:

  • In oil, coal and gas fired plants, torque wrenches are used for bolting on the crusher’s feed planform, hosing and liners, and for bolting on compressors and to fasten the casing bolts onto turbines.
  • Oil exploration and production operations use hydraulic wrenches for wellhead connections, including BOP, valves and flow lines.
  • Assembling flanged joints, pipelines and valves at pumping stations and compressor stations. (These wrenches are also useful for general maintenance).
  • Nuclear plants use torque wrenches for bolting casket covers and general maintenance.
  • Oil refineries offer several torque wrench bolting applications: tightening and loosening bolts on a condenser, and other equipment. Wrenches can be used for tensioning and loosening bolts on heat exchangers, reactor cover, pressure pipe flanges, steam pipe flanges, valves, reactor pressure vessels.

RAD is also used extensively in:

  • bridge building/replacement/repair – A325 and A490 bolting applications
  • heavy construction – tower cranes and steel infrastructure
  • heavy construction equipment – bulldozers, dump truck tire repair/replacement
  • military – tanks and heavy-duty vehicles
  • manufacturing – heavy equipment installation/replacement

To learn more about these tools and other RAD products, please read their online brochure.

We’ve spent more than 25 years building a reputation as a trusted provider of top quality torque wrenches for all bolting applications. And thanks to our ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab, you can get to work knowing that your tools will be as accurate as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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