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Defining Quality Service in the Torque Tool Industry

Maxpro talks about the words that define quality and service.A few years ago, consultant Ian Golding polled the people in his professional circle and asked them to list the three things they valued most as a customer.

They chose:

  1. Value – How much are they getting for the money they’re putting into their purchase?
  2. Customer service – How does a business engage with its customers to help with every step of their journey?
  3. Reliability – Does the company do what they say they’ll do?

But what does a survey by a British customary experience consultant have to do with service in the torque tool industry?

It’s simple: these are things that matter to us as well.


A quality tool should always have a good ROI.

A torque tool isn’t a disposable product. Whether you’re buying electric, hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches, you’re making an investment. You’ll attain a return on that investment with a quality tool that lasts.


Service needs to be fast in the torque tool indeustry.

When a tool breaks or a calibration is due, how do you know that you will receive the best possible repair services? Repairs in the torque tool industry needs to be fast. Torque tools are at work in industries where stopping work can be quite costly, meaning repairs can’t take too long.


when calibrating your tool you need a company that is reliable.This connects to our last point: Torque wrenches are used in critical industries. They help build and maintain wind turbines, oil pipelines and power plants, all places where you need accurate, reliable tools.

At Maxpro, we know that the tools you use every day are only useful when they are back in your hands, allowing you to get the job done.

A2LA-Accredited-Logo.jpgOur experience with providing service in the torque tool industry extends to pneumatic, hydraulic, battery and electronic torqueing tools. Our experts are able to and efficiently diagnosing and repairing your tools.

As an A2LA accredited calibration facility, we also make sure that your tool is not only working, but working exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next project.

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