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[CASE STUDY] Pipelines and Torque Tools

Pipeline workers need to know they have tools that are dependable and accurate. An error in their work could mean a disruption in the energy supply, or worse, some sort of environmental disaster.

The rise of the natural gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania has provided Maxpro with the opportunity to work on various pipeline projects. Maxpro President Tom Macey says these projects typically require pneumatic torque wrenches, because there are a lot of bolting & critical torque requirements involved.

But occasionally, the work will require hydraulic torque wrenches, which function better in tight spots.

“If they’re doing a full job, they’ll use everything,” said Macey. “They have a lot of torque equipment, and we can calibrate all of it.” Often that means a client is sending us their torque tools, but sometimes, we can go to the equipment, as we did with a pipeline project in our home state of Pennsylvania.

“Maxpro was able to calibrate all of our torque equipment on site with their mobile calibration van,” the client said. “This saved us shipping costs and down time.”

As Macey points out, pipeline construction doesn’t allow for a lot of downtime. “They don’t have the ability to pack things up and ship them,” he said. So Maxpro went to the tools using the calibration van. It’s a service we provide to clients who are within a roughly two-hour drive from our Philadelphia area headquarters.

When you need hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches, Maxpro is here to sell or rent tools to you. We are the country’s leading distributor of RAD torque tools, which are valued by our industrial customers for their speed and accuracy.

And all our equipment is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 standards at our A2LA accredited lab, allowing you to come away knowing you’ll get the right torque measurement on your tools every time.

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